Enjoy the benefits of Indoor Cycling and Pilates session

150 150 LuzLife

Detox your Mind and Body every Wednesday at 10 am in the Unix Session here in Qatar!

The perfect combination of Cardiovascular, non impact session and Pilates total Body workout, 90 minutes, after the Bliss…


Physical and Psychological benefits.

Is a tailored session where you will feel the benefits after the first session, ย teaching the awareness of the body, breathing, and getting your body and mind in shape for better life.

The benefits of Pilates are multiples, working from the power house, Healthy Spine and strong Pelvic Floor. Burning fat and getting stronger body and sharp mind.

The cardiovascular non impact session of Indoor Cycling; improving oxygen in your lungs and extraordinary beneficial for your heart and all internal organs. ย Bring your life more “Energy of Life” “Prana” and helping you to reach your personal goal.


What makes their Cycling classes unique from others is that the instructor is Gold Level Indoor Cycling certified and Pilates Senior certified, which allows her the freedom to mix things up a bit.

I will guarantees that everyone will get one on one attention.

Cost per session 40 QR.
Book your bike NOW! 4485 4600

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