Pilates for Scoliosis

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I first started doing Pilates over eight months ago. For years I have struggled with scoliosis and it was suggested I try Pilates to improve my strength and posture. It is safe to say Pilates is now, and will be forever, a part of my life.


The ideology behind Pilates makes perfect sense to me and I have embraced the principles in my life. I was looking for something that would inspire me to better myself, both physically and mentally. For me, Pilates has enabled me to do just that.


I feel very blessed to have Luz as my teacher. She has installed in me a sense of self belief, inspiration and motivation through her teaching. No two classes are ever the same! They are always challenging and rewarding and my body is becoming stronger and more linear. I do not suffer with back pain anymore and I walk more confidently.


She designs classes to suit my needs and adapts according to how I feel.


Luz has a caring nature and her constant encouragement enable you to achieve. I always leave her classes feeling wonderful and revitalised.


Thanks Luz! You’re fantastic!


Louise Rambaud



Sattvic Sweets

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“Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer in sacrifice,
whatever you give, whatever you practice, do it as an offering to me.”

Bhagavad Gita, IX, 27

Prenatal Yoga Classes at the Sheraton Hotel, 2011

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Yoga and Pilates with Luz Photos

Prenatal Yoga Class at the Sheraton Hotel 2011

This Prenatal Yoga Class include:
Talking and sharing time
Withdrawing the senses inward – Pranayama
Linking movements to the breath – Warm up
Creating foundation and balance – standing asanas
Opening the heart to the baby – back extensions
Opening the hips to the miracle of the birth
Carrying with ease – hands, arms and shoulder strengthener
The story down there – the pelvic floor muscles
Mudras and chakra openers
Working from the core – abdominal work
Lets twist again
Various stretching
Meditation, guided visualization and relaxation time
Luz Lovern, Certified Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500)
Certified Prenatal Yoga Certified Yoga Prenatal Teacher,
with Kate Besleme and Joung-ah Ghedine Williams.
more information please visit the web site www.luzlife.com

Luz Lovern have the experience in Prenatal Yoga Class for the last 2 years in Doha, Qatar.

Though the sessions, Luz professionally will guide you with yoga asanas and adapted to pregnancy, deep relaxation and special connection with the baby.

Also, when you came to her with specific problems like back pain orswollen ankles, she restructured the session around this problem. She has demonstrated great professionalism and has earned my trust quickly.

You will be very comforting for be part of this Prenatal Yoga Groupat the Sheraton Hotel and have a resource like Luz.

How much: Member 80 QR – No member 100 QR
How Long: Duration of the class 1:30 min.
When: Sunday and Thursday from 11 am to 12:30 noon.

Prenatal Yoga Class with Luz

Prenatal Yoga Classes

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Prenatal Yoga with Luz is one of the best memories I from my first pregnancy.
It helped me to stay fit and feel good in my body and my mind.
During the last 5 months of my pregnancy, I went twice a week to warm Luz’s studio.  I must say that those sessions improved my life quality and brought me peaceful mind and good energy.
Though the sessions, Luz professionally guided me with yoga positions adapted to pregnancy, deep relaxation and special connection with my baby. Also, when I came to her with specific problems like back pain or swollen ankles, she restructured the session around this problem.  She has demonstrated great professionalism and has earned my trust quickly.  It was very comforting for me to have a resource like Luz.  Since his birth, my baby has a very relax and calm personality, maybe yoga has something to do with it.
After giving birth, Luz helped me going back in shape.  She tailored me a special Pilates training for my specific needs.  Even. If I had a caesarean, she safely coached me though all the steps required to get my body shape has it use to be. Today, 9 months after giving birth, I am on my previous weight, my shape is better than ever and I feel good in my body.
Luz also welcomed my baby to the class for the days I did not have babysitter.  She created some sessions with him by teaching me exercises that I reproduced at home as play context. This has been great fun for both of us. You should see now how flexible my baby is now!!!
My prenatal yoga classes and Pilates classes with Luz improved my wellbeing through my pregnancy and  post delivery.
She is a really good instructor. She is very professional, creative, attentive and generous of herself; there is never 2 sessions that feel like the same. She knows how to assess your needs and capacities, how to give you targets that will keep you motivate.

Thank you Luz for this experience and for your support throughout this wonderful journey of pregnancy and motherhood!
Marie-Noel Dupont