Studio Etiquette

  • Payment before commencement of sessions
  • Bathe before arriving, use deodorant and no strong perfumes, please!
  • Wear clean, fitting clothing and clean socks (just to be used at the studio)
  • Avoid zippers in your workout clothes; to prevent damage at the equipments
  • Be punctual (not late, not too early)
  • Clean and organize equipments and apparatus after use
  • After sessions, collect your belonging, used sock  please keep with you; not put over the counter.  Next time will be donated to charity.
  • The Studio provide clean towels; after you finish your season, please put your towels inside of the basket for “used towels”
  • Reconfirm your next appointment before departing

“This reminders are nothing special just common courtesies.
Your kind respect and compliance with there courtesies would be appreciated”

LuzLife Studio