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The Yin Yoga Training and my own Yogini Path

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After all I did it again!11655115_10153514162120152_1366876010_n

Sebastian and Muriel with Luz

Sebastian and Muriel with Luz

Was not easy, was extremely present.  To having Sebastian and Murielle by my side this time was like river filled of goodness that flushed away the illusion.

12339215_10208162993980364_7843182401929113320_o-2 12339268_10208162998860486_8237078398042479846_o-1I was waiting for the Yin Yoga Training II – Level II “Meridian Series and TCM. for so long…

And that is the most important feeling that I keep in my body, mind and soul.


To be away from my Yin Yoga Teachers was too long; to wide to narrow. to little to much.

I can justify my own weakness my own attachments.  I was fiscally and mentally tired.  As everybody know I am searching for more light, better mental state and be good and do good with me and others.

“Look inside to awaken…” phase from With-Yin Yoga  Was really daily practice; learning and sharing with others Yogis and Yoginis.  In fact was not noise from outside; was noise inside of my own mind.

Nothing to say just “PRACTICE LUZ” and Meditation helping me to embrace my own emotional condition.  Nothing from outside was always inside of my mind digging collecting my fears from the past.


Now; I Know better and I need to keep practicing; at the end I want to see more light not darkenss of ignorance. quote by LuzLife


Of course the lovingkindness of Sebastian and Murielle, helping me to embrace my present, help me to keep moving and don’t give up!

Then, light was on me; no before; no after… when I was able to slow down my mind and be more pure and simple I was able to focus and moving forward.

To be able to learn the Level 2 was amazing journey for the Meridian Series and the Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Now what is coming is: Level 3: Philosophy and Meditation and Level 4: Retreat and Advance Study.

I am ready of course not, however I will prepare myself this time without to much distraction of my own mind that try to play the same game again.  I am practicing Loving Kindness with me and others.  I will be more update with my own mental state and see more clear under waters.12391384_1032862953445146_3787620483729014277_n

10434244_1032863910111717_1130280013253026200_nWhat a wonderful gift I just got from my own light guide from inside out.  Everything is inside of ourself; we just need to have the right person, the right moment to embrace the simple way to stay focus.



Namaste, and thanks from my heart to my teachers and friends.  Murielle and Sebastian Pucelle




Light on both of You!

Luz A. Lovern

Yin Yoga Teacher in Doha, Qatar


Yin Yoga and The Meridians Series, The Workshop

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Last September I had the opportunity to meet again my Yoga Teachers Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier, to further learn about Yin Yoga and The Meridians Series.

Sebastian Pucelle, Murielle Burellier and Luz A. Lovern September 2014, Thailand

Sebastian Pucelle, Murielle Burellier and Luz A. Lovern September 2014, Thailand

“Learning how to heal yourself with the practice of Yin – Yoga, tapping into the life-force of the body called Prana )in India or Qi (in China) using the nervy pathways named, Nadis or Meridians.Going deeper into the practice of Yin-Yoga will promote the removal of blockages and stagnation of energy, enhancing the flow of Qi to stimulate the function of the Meridians and Main Organs restoring and balancing our physical, energetic and emotional health through the practice of the Yin Yoga Meridians Series”.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga practice has transformative effects on body and mind. The gentle but consistent stimulation of the connective tissues encourages long-term health and flexibility of the joints, recharges the energetic system of the body and naturally draws the mind inward into a relaxed, meditative state. It also prepares the body and mind for longer meditation practices.

Our Yin Yoga Teacher Training is overlapping Yogic,Taoist and Buddhist concepts to contemplate and interpret the essential message of those different traditions.From the gross to the subtle we believe in cultivating an awareness of all the different aspects of the individual, combining body/mind perception as a practice to positively influence, modify, and transform one’s health and consciousness. from www.with-yinyoga.com

Using our body to reach the mind that brings tremendous benefits in our life. Improving our well being, calming our mind and leting us more focused and stillness.

Using our body t o reach the mind.  Wood Element.

Using our body t o reach the mind. Wood Element.

After this workshop with Sebastian and Murielle, I was feeling emotionally and physically different, more clear and calmed, more peace in my heart helping me to embrace the present moment. Working with the Life Force bringing our internal organs to the balance and harmony that we need.

Clean up the fears, anger and negative emotions to reach the inner peace and moving fearless in this Planet.

Today I am moving with freedom, taking care of my Liver and all my internal organs to keep the internal harmony taking care of my emotions and detoxing my path.

Ancient Taoists viewed the life as energy and referred to powerful life forces as spirits. The planets Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Saturn, and their related directions, East, South, West, North and Center, were considered potent life forces or spirits, because internal organs correspond to planets. Their related directions were also referred to as spirits. Planetary spirit is internal organ spirit, and internal organ spirit is human spirit.
Taoist cultivate arts, including nei dan (internal alchemy), developing conscious awareness of the undivided connection between these five spirits or aspects of life, allowing a profound experience of one’s true nature.

The Five Elements and the relationship with our Internal Organs.  Learning how we can keep the harmony and balance in daily life.

The Five Elements and the relationship with our Internal Organs. Learning how we can keep the harmony and balance in daily life.

I am sharing with all of you some notes from this experience and hope you can find the good energies around.

Also a very good recommendation from my teachers and friends Sebastian and Murielle the book is from Ted J. Kaptchuk “Chinese Medicine The web that has no weaver”

Be at the House of Hun, the eternal soul.

by Luz A. Lovern

Meditation for quiet your mind

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Low energy is something that can be solve with the practice of meditation for just fifteen minutes a day; at the beginning, then with practice and patience you will be able to be a bit more longer; starting in the morning the first meeting with yourself.

Practicing and being change and more positive and peaceful path.  Meditation is beneficial and easy to do; Meditation is just be at the present moment and from contemplation to concentration opening the channels to be able to heal.


Practicing meditation for inner peace and become more tolerant and compassionate with the Universe. Luz A. Lovern – LuzLife

“Meditation can create inner peace and an enhanced sense of well-being, let go of negativity and fear, our self became more tolerant and compassionate”. quote by LuzLife

At LuzLife Private Studio,  we teach Meditation and Yin Yoga for special needs.   We teaching the simple and effective steps to beginning your own journey in meditation practice.  Meditation is the root of our inner inner peace.

Here is some tips that can help you to start!

You have to be present with yourself in order to reach your body and mind full potential.  Commit instead to getting enough sleep and eating healthy foods, so that you are ready and energized when is time to Meditate.


Please for more Information contact me just by mail timeless@luzlife.com


Meditation, simple and effective for better life.