Embracing the present moment, coming to my mind so much to share.  Movement, Contrology, Yoga, Healthy choices, Reiki energies, Alexander Technique, Garuda Method, Yin Yoga, Breathing Technique, Meditation, TCM and Meridian Work, Organic Workout.

Be good and doing good is priority in life.  LuzLife Lotus Studio is the result of years of studying and learning from greatest teachers around this beautiful Planet. And I keep training and learning to give my best.   The Goal of LuzLife is about you and how we can reach the goals.

To support and help the students to set up the personal goal and challenging times is the meaning of this place.  To see result not just about shaping and changing your body is about how we can be better with us and others. Meditation and Breathing technique is fundamental in our place.

For the last past years I am sharing my own path  and give the energies in each sessions.

Today I am learning from my own experience; what a unique journey;  I need to set up how we are working here.

How I can be successful?  I need To Be Clear like a WATER

To be around of good and energetic elements.  The Five Element for sure.

You need to read the Policy cancelation and be agree in what is all about.  Be clear like a water that is our goal today.

Mutual Respect is fundamental; we  need to be present with the place that we have today.  We are flowing, moving and growing in every single breath. We are Water most of the time.

LuzLife Lotus Studio have the own philosophy of Live, Move and Smile.

1.- Respect your teacher

2.- Pay before commencement of sessions; Clearing your pending payment is mandatory

3.- Stay motivated and be ready for Move; ask your teacher if you need it!  Feedback is always welcome and is honey for the mind and body.

4.- Be respectful with the equipments; Clean and organize equipment and apparatus after use; we have special organic and friendly with the Planet for this purpose

5.- Bath, use deodorant and no strong perfumes before sessions

6.- Wear clean, loose fitting clothing and wear sock just to be used at the inside of the studio or special Pilates or Yoga socks.

7.- Collecting your belonging and dispose of used towels provided by the Studio in the special basket after each session

8.- Reconfirm next appointment before departing.

Nothing Special, just common courtesies.  Your kind respect and compliance with these courtesies would be greatly appreciated.

LuzLife Studio of Pilates and Yoga in Qatar

LuzLife Studio of Pilates and Yoga in Qatar

Life is a gift; we are creating the Energy of LuzLife in our own path – Luz mean Light, be the Light.

“Many people suffer because they are caught in their views. As soon as we release those views, we are free and we don’t suffer anymore. Mindfulness helps you come home to the present. Life is available only in the present.”

Thich Nhat Hanh