Unknown-2Practicing walking meditation at Classical Pilates Convention in Pisa?

My answer is Yes!

walking meditation – is a form of the expression of our mind and body to clean and detox the path; connecting with the five elements and restoring the internal organs;  listening the movements and changes of the flow, be aware of the present moment; is a form of meditation in action in movement.  And Pilates is Movements so I did!

I choose one of my Private Pilates Sessions and I decided to be in contact with the Nature, early morning, fresh and green start; hugging a trees, and just trying to keep the silence and listening my breathing.  Be tune with the Universe and what your body need is one of my fundamental.  Stay simple real and be still.  I was awesome experience! I am sure that we enjoy it!

Enjoying the silence and just breathing and listening the heart.  My teacher was with me and hope she enjoyed too.

Walking meditation we use the experience of walking as our focus. We become mindful of our experience while walking, and try to keep our awareness involved with the experience of walking. Actually, there are several different kinds of walking meditation. We’ll just be looking at one of them in detail, although we’ll touch on the others. Once you’ve mastered one form, you’ll easily be able to pick up the others.

Obviously, there are some differences between walking meditation and sitting meditation. For one thing we keep our eyes open during walking meditation! That difference implies other changes in the way we do the practice. We are not withdrawing our attention from the outside world to the same extent that we do when we are doing the Mindfulness of Breathing or Metta Bhavana (development of lovingkindness) practices.


Love, Movement and Pilates with LuzLife

Love, Movement and Pilates with LuzLife

Developing the balance between the monkey mind and just breathing give the answer of everything that I was wondering.  My mind was clear and free and I hugs a tree, smell the flowers and I collected a Pine Cone that I am sure is the house of one of the magic creature they living in the forest.  Now is at the Lotus LuzLife Studio; sharing with us the stillness and the Movements


By Luz A. Lovern