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The Yin Yoga Training and my own Yogini Path

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After all I did it again!11655115_10153514162120152_1366876010_n

Sebastian and Muriel with Luz

Sebastian and Muriel with Luz

Was not easy, was extremely present.  To having Sebastian and Murielle by my side this time was like river filled of goodness that flushed away the illusion.

12339215_10208162993980364_7843182401929113320_o-2 12339268_10208162998860486_8237078398042479846_o-1I was waiting for the Yin Yoga Training II – Level II “Meridian Series and TCM. for so long…

And that is the most important feeling that I keep in my body, mind and soul.


To be away from my Yin Yoga Teachers was too long; to wide to narrow. to little to much.

I can justify my own weakness my own attachments.  I was fiscally and mentally tired.  As everybody know I am searching for more light, better mental state and be good and do good with me and others.

“Look inside to awaken…” phase from With-Yin Yoga  Was really daily practice; learning and sharing with others Yogis and Yoginis.  In fact was not noise from outside; was noise inside of my own mind.

Nothing to say just “PRACTICE LUZ” and Meditation helping me to embrace my own emotional condition.  Nothing from outside was always inside of my mind digging collecting my fears from the past.


Now; I Know better and I need to keep practicing; at the end I want to see more light not darkenss of ignorance. quote by LuzLife


Of course the lovingkindness of Sebastian and Murielle, helping me to embrace my present, help me to keep moving and don’t give up!

Then, light was on me; no before; no after… when I was able to slow down my mind and be more pure and simple I was able to focus and moving forward.

To be able to learn the Level 2 was amazing journey for the Meridian Series and the Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Now what is coming is: Level 3: Philosophy and Meditation and Level 4: Retreat and Advance Study.

I am ready of course not, however I will prepare myself this time without to much distraction of my own mind that try to play the same game again.  I am practicing Loving Kindness with me and others.  I will be more update with my own mental state and see more clear under waters.12391384_1032862953445146_3787620483729014277_n

10434244_1032863910111717_1130280013253026200_nWhat a wonderful gift I just got from my own light guide from inside out.  Everything is inside of ourself; we just need to have the right person, the right moment to embrace the simple way to stay focus.



Namaste, and thanks from my heart to my teachers and friends.  Murielle and Sebastian Pucelle




Light on both of You!

Luz A. Lovern

Yin Yoga Teacher in Doha, Qatar


The physical and emotional benefits of Yin Yoga and Pilates by Luz A. Lovern

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Many injuries are caused by muscular imbalances within our bodies. Also we can injure our bodies when we are tense or move without to be present and fully aware of the movements.
There are many causes for these imbalances; our posture, our breath, our emotions, our state of mind, the way we walk, bend over, sit, lie down, or work out  this includes the way we sleep, or the way we talk…  basically the ways in which we move.  Most of us move incorrectly in some way or another, which puts too much pressure on some muscles and weakens others, causing an imbalance, causing unnecessary stress and using the wrong muscles.
In Yin Yoga we put emphasis on releasing our thoracic lumbar fascia, and all our Fascia network, targeting joint and relaxing muscles, breathing,  calming our mind and letting our body talk and communicate from within
I have had the magnificent experience to have had my own physical and emotional rehabilitation after 12 months from having had ACS with Diseconomy.
The way that we move may put too much pressure on the spine, hips, while weakening the pelvic muscles in the front of the body.  Either scenario creates an imbalance, which means the body is much more susceptible to serious strains, pulls, tears or worse.
Yin Yoga and Pilates exercises promote an even musculature throughout the body by strengthening the Hips area, Sacrum, Core, Spine, upper limbs and lower limbs.  As a Pilates and Yoga Teacher always I like to think that our body is a Work of Art.  No matter what is going on with us at the present moment, we are all unique and we all have the capacity to embrace the present, we are ONE!  
The Power House is considered the “center” of the body and consists of the deep abdominal muscles along with the muscles closest to the spine.  And also as everybody know me I just redefine the Power House as a Unit and our entire body, mind and spirit.  You can read about that in my past posts. https://luzlife.com/2014/05/26/defining-the-new-power-house/
Working also with Yin Yoga principles helping to release the tension created by my own traumatic experience.  Realizing fiscally and emotional my entire humanity.  That why I give to Yin Yoga all the credibility because prepare your body for the Pilates as a Yang exercise.  As we know Yin and Yang are part of our inner Universe.  As the Universe is outside, it is also within.
At LuzLife Private Studio we work with all the Pilates equipment necessary to give the necessary energies to spinal and pelvic alignment, which is critical in getting us to move the way we are supposed to move to avoid injury.
Based on the principles of the Pilates repertoire; breathing, core strength, even musculature, we work on Fascia release and deeper stretching of the joints.
Another reason is that it provides a greater degree of flexibility than most conventional forms of physical therapy. This is true because Pilates and Yin Yoga exercises can be modified for each person to be extremely effective. You can go from basic movements to very advanced, depending on how a client or student needs to progress or how badly they are injured.  LuzLife Studio will take care of you, at the same way is taking care of me day by day.
by Luz A. Lovern, Teacher
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LuzLife – a warm, intimate journey

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LuzLife – a warm, intimate journey of discovery our own path, natural way to be, empower human energies at every stage of life.

Sharing with you the uplifting stories of LuzLife here in Qatar.  I had a recent interview here in Doha (ohlala! Qatar, Abril 2014) where I am talking about how important is to Breath, before anything else.  Breathing is the first manifestation of life and the last.  Breath, Relaxation, Stillness, Surrender, Patience, Contentment are fundamentals  of LuzLife Private Studio Philosophy.

Please enjoy the article.

ohlala April 2014

LuzLife – un cálido viaje al interior

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LuzLife – un cálido viaje al interior del descubrimiento de nuestro propio camino, nuestra forma natural de ser, potenciando las energías humanas en todas las etapas de nuestra vida.

Compartiendo con ustedes las historias edificantes de LuzLife aquí en Qatar. Tuve una entrevista reciente en Doha (Qatar ohlala!, Abril de 2014) en la que estoy hablando de lo importante que es la respiración, antes que nada. La respiración es la primera manifestación de la vida y el último que hacemos. Respiración, relajación, calma,  Paciencia, Alegría son fundamentos de la filosofía LuzLife Studio aquí en Qatar.

Por favor, disfrute el artículo.


ohlala April 2014

LuzLife setting new limits every day!

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 Once upon a time a baby princess was swept away by her entourage to protect her from the life of being raised as royalty in the kings court and hidden away in a family of gypsies in a far away land. She grew wearing second hand clothes and wearing the same clothes to school every day having to walk through cold winds and rain with the wind cutting through her thin clothes and rain soaking her worn socks through her worn out shoes. But everyday she survived telling herself that she was a princess and that all of these bad things will pass. Many years passed and she was sought out may many false princes who promised to restore her to the life of royalty that she deserved. Finally, one day she was crossing the street singing to herself a song that she knew would send her home to safety when a horse who did not know she was a princess ran her over and left her lying broken in the street and people who also didn’t know of her royalty picked her up and cared for her until she was well. She never told them she was a princess for fear that they would not believe. She then decided that she would set out on her own to find her castle and treasure that was waiting for her is a far away place that she did not know. Her travels took her to far away and unfamiliar jungles, seas and ruins of extinct civilizations; to far away continents and tropical jungles and high cold mountains where ruins of ancient civilizations and promises of spiritual enlightenment began to inspire her awareness of her true self realizing that her kingdom and her subjects were all around her where she went. She learned strength from the Ashanga people, endurance from the Garuda people and core awareness from the Pilates people. The tests of her journey left her with inner cervical focus that required the teachings and magic spells of the great Guru Verapan who helped her restore the inner strength to continue her journey. Still not satisfied that she was prepared to continue her journey to her kingdom she ventured to learn peace, meditation and breathing from the tribe of Yin. Now she fly one more time to meet her Pilates Guru; to bring back the the ultimate in Pilates for her own Studio. 

Today her journey continue …

By Marvin L. Lovern DSC_0004 rev

The Meaning of LuzLife Total Pilates

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“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique”. Martha Graham.


Pilates Method is a whole develop strong abdominal, back, butt, upper limbs, hips, shoulders, lowers limbs, flexible fascia network, working in deep postural muscles to support the skeletal system and act as what Pilates called the “Powerhouse” of the body.

The Pilates Method works to strengthen the center, working with the spine one vertebra at the time, give flexibility and stabilization, increasing the body awareness. Building muscles tone and lean, gain flexibility and peace of mind.

The Pilates Method under Luzlife Total Pilates was created for rehabilitation system for our Spiritual Machine, back, knee, hips, shoulder and repetitive stress injuries. LuzLife Total Pilates addresses the Body, Mind and Soul; the whole universe using  studies and Certifications over the years and my own Path.

Please for more details see “About Luz Lovern” in Alexander Technique, Garuda Method, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Reiki, Shiatsu, Anatomy, Ayurveda Medicine, also elements of Cardiovascular from Indoor Cycling.

All this elements are blending in one session the unique experience; correcting the body’s asymmetries, fears, and chronic weakness of our body and mind; to prevent-re-injury and bring the body back into the harmony of the balance.

Luzlife, Spiritual Fitness Private Studio in Qatar.  Offer to you a healthy and peaceful environment where you can get your motivation updated and keep moving forward in your path.

“You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost.” Martha Graham.

LuzLife believe that Mat-work in Pilates is a great complement in Pilates Repertoire.  As we know Mat-work is not for beginner and not for everybody.  that why we do Standing Pilates workout, using  Reformer Pilates, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Corrector and High Ladder Barrels and all the Pilates Equipment and Tools original created for Joseph Pilates.

Pilates Principals and LuzLife Total Pilates:

Centering: Physically bringing the focus to the center of the body, the power house area between the lower ribs and pubic bone. Energetically, Pilates exercises are sourced from center.

Concentration: If one brings full attention to the exercise and does it with full commitment, maximum value will be obtained from each movement.

Control: Every Pilates exercise is done with complete muscular control. No body part is left to its own devices.

Precision: In Pilates, awareness is sustained throughout each movement. There is an appropriate placement, alignment relative to other body parts, and trajectory for each part of the body.

Breath: Joseph Pilates, emphasized using a very full breath in his exercises. He advocated thinking of the lungs as a bellows — using them strongly to pump the air fully in and out of the body. Most Pilates exercises coordinate with the breath, and using the breath properly is an integral part of Pilates exercise.

Breathing like a baby, from your belly, touch your belly and be connected with your inner child,  breath from your root” Luz A. Lovern

Flow: Pilates exercise is done in a flowing manner. Fluidity, grace, and ease are goals applied to all exercises. The energy of an exercise connects all body parts and flows through the body in an even way. Pilates equipment, like the reformer, are very good mirrors of one’s flow and concentration as they tend to bang around and suddenly become quite “machine-like” if one loses ones control and flow.

“With body, mind, and spirit functioning perfectly as a coordinated whole, what else could reasonably be expected other than an active, alert, disciplined person?” – Joseph Pilates