I am very happy to share with all of you that great notice for our Pilates Community here in Qatar; now we are available to have a Group of Pilates Reformer Classes.

The Pilates Reformer is the best known piece of Pilates equipment. It is a bed like frame with a moveable carriage on which a person sits or reclines for resistance exercise or stretching. It is an excellent method of exercising without over stressing the joints while strengthening, shaping and leaning muscles throughout the entire body.

10268594_10152099579895614_4984910140396351608_nThe Pilates Reformer is excellent for physical rehabilitation and get back into shape before or after childbirth as well as normal exercise to improve quality of life. For best effect, attend a group reformer class. The student should have at least ten (10) private lessons from a Pilates professional for a personalized Pilates program that is focused on the individual requirements of each student.LuzLife Pilates can provide such personalized programs. Pilates Reformer classes will be conducted for up to 3 persons per class.

This class is geared toward those who already attend private lessons and want to work out at a steady pace with limited personal attention.

For hygiene requirements, please bring a small towel and clean socks – no gym shoes will be used. Prior to attending class, please bathe and wear deodorant, but avoid excessive perfume. Cell-phones need to be switched off at all times!

Be part of the New Journey at LuzLife Total Pilates! Shaping your body and mind from within!Contrology is designed to give your suppleness, natural grace and that will be unmistakably reflected in all you do.- J. Pilates

Luz's Total Pilates Method

Luz’s Total Pilates Method

Strengthen, lengthen, and sculpt your muscles with the full range of Pilates Method by Luz A. Lovern “LuzLife Total Pilates” our official Page in FB.

At the Same time Teaching Yin Yoga Principals to relax and be more centered. Stretching our Fascia tissues and calming our Mind and Body.

1488318_643462095718569_1008894263_nLuzLife, Private Pilates Clinic and Yoga Studio; is working in Rehabilitation Programs in Pilates and Alexander Technique. Including also Rehabilitation programs and Isometric exercise to strength for special needs.

Keep moving and let flow…

Luz A. Lovern