Anatomy and Yin Yoga Theory with Luz A. Lovern

Yoga in Motion and the Classical Pilates Mat Work fundamental at Bliss

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For the first time here in Roanoke, Virginia we have the opportunity to experience Yoga asanas, Meditation in Movement and the Classical Pilates Mat Work fundamental; flexible spine, long and lean muscles. Learn to Breathe.

by Luz A. Lovern, Certified Internationally Yoga and Classical Pilates Teacher with more than 25 years of experience and more … please check my curriculum here.

I would love to share how Classical Pilates and Yoga is helping me day by day in my own life.

The venue will be at Bliss, please text for reserve your spot at 540-334-1309. Space are limited.

Luz A. Lovern is Owner and Operator of the first Classical Pilates Private Studio here in Roanoke!

Learn to breathe, strong center, flexible spine and peaceful mind.

LuzLife, Yoga and Pilates for strong bodies and peaceful mind.

Luz A. Lovern, Classical Pilates Teacher and Yoga Teacher. Strong bodies Peaceful mind.

Good Bye Qatar! Hello USA

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LuzLife Studio is moving to USAi-PnMb9Cz-L


Time to Moving forward and embracing the present moments. Thanks very much Qatar for all this beautiful years that allow me to teach day by day.

Thanks to all my dearest Clients that made LuzLife, The First and Only Classical Pilates Studio in Doha, Qatar.

GetAttachment-10.aspxIn my journey of the Classical Pilates Method; we did amazing, we bring to Qatar last November 2015 Amy Kellow from Everybody Pilates, having the first Workshop of Classical Pilates in Qatar and Middle East.  What a wonderful experience.  We will bring the Classical system for you; to change no just your body also your life style.

Teaching day by day and sharing my own journey with this beautiful land that give me the opportunity to grow up and stay still.i-HBNWN8g-L

Teaching Yin Yoga, Meditation and more Holistic approach that I was sharing with all of you in my own pace.

I am moving with my open heart to my husband home town; time to flow; time to let it go. I bring with me beautiful memories, of my journey as a teacher and mentor of my own Studio.

LuzLife, The Pilates and Yoga Studio will be in Virginia, Roanoke, USA



Luz A. Lovern

The Yin Yoga Training and my own Yogini Path

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After all I did it again!11655115_10153514162120152_1366876010_n

Sebastian and Muriel with Luz

Sebastian and Muriel with Luz

Was not easy, was extremely present.  To having Sebastian and Murielle by my side this time was like river filled of goodness that flushed away the illusion.

12339215_10208162993980364_7843182401929113320_o-2 12339268_10208162998860486_8237078398042479846_o-1I was waiting for the Yin Yoga Training II – Level II “Meridian Series and TCM. for so long…

And that is the most important feeling that I keep in my body, mind and soul.


To be away from my Yin Yoga Teachers was too long; to wide to narrow. to little to much.

I can justify my own weakness my own attachments.  I was fiscally and mentally tired.  As everybody know I am searching for more light, better mental state and be good and do good with me and others.

“Look inside to awaken…” phase from With-Yin Yoga  Was really daily practice; learning and sharing with others Yogis and Yoginis.  In fact was not noise from outside; was noise inside of my own mind.

Nothing to say just “PRACTICE LUZ” and Meditation helping me to embrace my own emotional condition.  Nothing from outside was always inside of my mind digging collecting my fears from the past.


Now; I Know better and I need to keep practicing; at the end I want to see more light not darkenss of ignorance. quote by LuzLife


Of course the lovingkindness of Sebastian and Murielle, helping me to embrace my present, help me to keep moving and don’t give up!

Then, light was on me; no before; no after… when I was able to slow down my mind and be more pure and simple I was able to focus and moving forward.

To be able to learn the Level 2 was amazing journey for the Meridian Series and the Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Now what is coming is: Level 3: Philosophy and Meditation and Level 4: Retreat and Advance Study.

I am ready of course not, however I will prepare myself this time without to much distraction of my own mind that try to play the same game again.  I am practicing Loving Kindness with me and others.  I will be more update with my own mental state and see more clear under waters.12391384_1032862953445146_3787620483729014277_n

10434244_1032863910111717_1130280013253026200_nWhat a wonderful gift I just got from my own light guide from inside out.  Everything is inside of ourself; we just need to have the right person, the right moment to embrace the simple way to stay focus.



Namaste, and thanks from my heart to my teachers and friends.  Murielle and Sebastian Pucelle




Light on both of You!

Luz A. Lovern

Yin Yoga Teacher in Doha, Qatar